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Hello friends, i'm Melissa Malice (yes, you can call me that -- no,it's not my real last name.) and i'm nearly 21. I live here at lovely fiu south. (oh! delicious!) and also am the public relations officer for the anime club we have on campus.

i'm a loud...silly...dork!

ok! i'm an english and women's studies major and i hope to something i'm almost done with school. i read and write both fiction an poetry. i'll read anything as long as it's not terribly boring. at this moment i'm a large fan of cyberpunk novels and am in the midst of reading Neuromancer by William Gibson. i'll be moving onto Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson after that. I do have problems with concentrating on things sometimes, but recently i've been in the reading zone, so i'm going to run with that.

some of my favourite books are perks of being a wallflower, catcher in the rye, good omens, the billy chaka series (tokyo suckerpunch, hokkaido popsicle, dreaming pachinko and soon to be kinki lullaby when my signed copy arrives *squeaks*), bloodsugar and dogrun. authors would be arthur neresessian, issac adamson, neil gaiman and poets would be nicole blackman and ts eliot.

someone mentioned manga, well yes -- i'm probably one of the largest manga nerds ever. at the moment my favourite is death note even if it's not available in the us. i will give you this lovely link: to gather some for yourself if you're interested in that.

my aim name is HERBLOODYREMAINS ; i'm sorry if i don't respond, i have the bad habit of moving away from the computer. feel free to add me to your friends list or im me and such. i'm always up for making friends.

edit: i'll also try and make us a really sweet icon. let me know if anyone has any ideas!
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