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Reading Books Like It's Going Out of Style

It's a Panther thing, you wouldn't understand!

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Welcome to FIU Bibliophiles!

Who are we?
We're a community made up of Florida International University (FIU) students and alumni who, in a nutshell, love to read.

What are we about?
The community was created so we's have a place to get together and read books and discuss them. The basic idea of the community is that we'll all be deciding to read 2 common books every month and share our personal reactions. Members can opt to read one or both and can choose to read faster or slower. We keep a running tab on the books that we've read and the books we'd like to read. Because of this, it's very important that our members play an active role in the community, making suggestions, voting in polls and planning meet-ups.

Why was this community created?
Originally, we were hoping to read books from various Faculty Book Clubs here at FIU, but we've only be able to find a Women's Studies book club and we wanted something more eclectic that could appeal t everyone. The only other book club at FIU was the inactive Cellar Door Book Club. At the same time, we wanted to create a club that wouldn't have the restrictions of an FIU official club under SOC; we didn't want mandatory meetings and all the complications, thus this community was born.

What is the process?
  1. We have a thread in which members express their what they want to read.

  2. The moderators will then compile a list of books that everyone submitted. Books that appear to be popular will be grouped together and then a poll will be posted in which members can vote on which books to read. The two books that receive the most votes will then be read by the entire club (this way we all have something to discuss). Members can, however, choose to read one or both books listed.

  3. The speed at which you read the books is entirely up to you. We will go no longer than one month without voting on which new books to read. If, however, the members are reading quickly (and want to read more), then we can we read more.

  4. You may post about the book as you read it, but please be aware others may not be reading as fast as you are, so try not to include too many spoilers.

What are the rules?

  1. It is okay to discuss about books we are reading NOW or have already read. It is NOT okay to discuss books we are not reading UNLESS you are trying to get the members to agree on reading it.

  2. There is no discrimination between genres. None. If you want to read a book and no one is voting for it, feel free to make a suggestion via a post. Try to include a summary (or link to one, like say on amazon.com which provides user feedback also) or a critque that will get people's attention.

  3. There will be no grammar or spelling policing, but please try to make your entries comprehensible. I think the only rule we should have regarding typing is that no one is allowed to TyPe LiKe ThIs, TYPE LIKE THIS or typ3 l1k3 th1$!

  4. Don't flame. Don't be rude. Everyone should feel welcomed in this community.

  5. There will be NO censorship in this community BUT all posts must pertain to the books we are reading. Please do not post to this community to tell us that you hate the cafeteria unless it's somehow related to the books we're reading. For general FIU concerns see fiu.

  6. This is YOUR club. Speak your mind.

  7. Please hide all spoilers behind an lj cut.

Current books:
House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski [Get it here on Amazon]
From Hell, by Alan Moore [Get it here on Amazon]

Past books read:
None listed yet.

If you are looking for the FIU community, please visit fiu

Happy Reading!

Thanks, your moderators,
kathy_x0, catfishgirl and tokyoghoststory