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Important Updates...

There has been a lot of confusion as to which day our first meeting will be. It is very important that you vote in this poll as it will be the final determination for when our meeting will be.

Poll #370922 Our Meeting

Which days can you make it to our meeting? PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY as we will choose the day that most people can make it to.

THIS SATURDAY, October 23rd
THIS SUNDAY, October 24th
NEXT FRIDAY, October 29th
NEXT SATURDAY, October 30th
NEXT SUNDAY, October 31st

After we choose a day, we will make another poll or have a discussion to choose where, which restaurant and which movie we will be going to. I know there has been a lot of wishy-washyness but we want to make sure that everyone can make it and all the members are happy.

Also, has anyone talked to SOC about our becoming an official club?

And lastly, I'm working on a new, spiffy layout, and that will be up soon. :)
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fiu already has an "official" book club. it is called cellar door. however, the president of cellar door is busy, and won't be starting the club up again until the spring.

i didn't want to be part of SOC because it's a pain. i don't want to have anything to do with them (all i want to do is read books and discuss them. that was the entire point of this place since cellar door isn't doing anythign right now. also, the idea of not ever having to have a meeting was what i liked best, because it meant we could read in our spare time and get things done whenever we want, instead of having to worry about making meetings, and seeing when the best time for everyone is and blahblahblah). if everyone else does, then whatever, go for it. but i won't do anything to get this club there.

i am now honestly convinced nobody read the long posts i made :D
i did megan.

the point of the club was so we could have a place online to put down our thoughts and have a conversation about the book. that way the trials of meeting up and dealing with getting points and funding didn't come into play.

basically, we are a group of kids, who happen to go to fiu, who happen to have a low-key and casual book club, who happen to run it on a lj to make things easy and cool.

if that isn't the direction you want it to head, then perhaps talking with the person about getting the offical fiu book club up in order for next semester, as that might be a better place for things of a bueraucratic nature. (please don't take that as us not wanting you around, but us just talking about what we wanted to achieve when we started this club)
I'm sorry, I swear I read them. I just forgot. :(

The only thing I remember reading was that the only book club someone found was the Women's Studies book club.

I have no problem with having a club independent of FIU. I didn't know that SOC is that strict.

And here's a silly piece of trivia. "Cellar Door" was said to have been the most beautiful linguistic combination in the english language, at least, according to JRR Tolkien. :-P

i imagine that's why they chose the name cellar door in the first place ;)

we should have named ourselves stellar floor or something.
you know. like a cheap ripoff ;)
that was also said in the movie Donnie Darko. =)

I can do Friday's and Saturday' really depends on the time though. If it's after 6, then I can most probably make it.
so are going to try to get together?
I mean i don't think it's that bad if at least some of us get together once in a while to chill
heh. of course we're going to try to meet :D mel and i aren't against meeting; we're against mandatory meetings (which, essentially, becoming an SOC club would entail-- among other things).
no problems then ^_^
i can't wait to see your layout! :D
eh, i never have time, but alas we do make time for the things we want... and meeting some awesome people is priority one.
so... why is it all 50% anyway...
so did u guys meet? and how come I cant post anything? I'd like to introduce myself