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Intro's... i dont know why, but here goes

Hello everyone.

I read when i am bored. I have staved off most other forms of pop communication to this end as well and thus made reading my sole connection to pop culture, news media, political propaganda, and the world in general. Before i go off topic and describe why i did this, let me proceed with what i read. I tend to stick with fiction, reading for me is an escape from the mundane simplicities of every day life, i seek adventure and intrigue through books and not political or social drama which can be found in countless other facets of every day life for me and likely you as well. I just finished Dan Brown's Deception Point (same day i started it), and quite frankly i liked it infintely more than his Davinci Code or Digital Fortress. I tend to tear through books when im interested and here is my current pile of books to read, in this order:

Justine - Lawrence Durell
The Doom Books (All 4 of em)
The Fall - Albert Camus
The Gunslinger - King
Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus - Gray
Merrick - Anne Rice

I started the latest book by opening the file and starting to read while bored at work, then finished it off because i was already 30 chapters in. Most of you mentioned authors names i am familiar with so reading the suggested should be easy work. Some of you may also know my terrible humor and often offensive wit, i'll try and keep myself in check for the sake of us all =).

Finally i am all about libraries and thus practically refuse to buy a book or frankly anything that can be otherwise obtained, for me it adds to the personal value if i didnt buy it (I'll spare you further explanation). My name is Mark, you can check my LJ info for contact and interest details.
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