Angel (gunsmithx) wrote in fiubibliophiles,


Hi everyone, I'm Angel and Mel's the one who showed me this, so blame her :P
I Love to read and I read at a crazy rate, it's normal for me to clear books in a day or less so
it makes reading an expensive habit for me, I'm normally big into fantasy, George RR martin, Fiest, David eddings, chris rowely, RA Salvatore, JRR Tolkien, and many many others,
I just finished reading cloud of sparrows which takes place right before the meji revolution in japan and I high recommed the book to anyone ^_^
I"m 26 and an IT major, I've got anohter year or so to graduate since I've taken some time off from and I dont' go full time as it is :/ one day as they say,
not much else to say, you can aim me if you want anytime, I love to talk to people, and I"m up for meeting and having dinner next week.
I look forward to reading with you all :)
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